Edible Glitter Set | Fairy Dust Glitter 8 pc Set



Complete Fairy Dust Edible Glitter Set

Try all 8 edible glitters for dazzle and shine! Sprinkle Fairy Dust ✨ over cakes and chocolate, or add to beverages for a shiny touch. Perfect for taking desserts like cupcakes and brownies to the next level! All you need is a pinch for ultimate shine. Try Sky Blue, Purple Princess, Cotton Candy Pink, Matcha Green Tea, Fool's Gold, Georgia Peach, and Canary Yellow. 

Fairy Dust, also known as Edible Glitter, is the magical ingredient that turns ordinary desserts into enchanted creations fit for a fairy queen's tea party. This shimmering sprinkle is made of tiny sparkling particles that shimmer and sparkle in the light, bringing a touch of magic to your taste buds. Each particle is made of sugar and food-grade ingredients, so it's safe for consumption and adds a touch of sweetness to your treats.

Includes: 5g Jar

Add edible glitter to still and carbonated beverages and spirits to create a glittery hurricane, or dust onto desserts and savory items for a sparkly finish. It’s 100% FDA-approved, textureless, odorless, and tasteless.

Did You Know?
Fairy Dust Edible Glitter is the only edible glitter that has been formulated for both food and drink.