Dark Skin Tone Petal Dust Palette by Henderson Gonzalez


Dark Skin Tone Petal Dust Palette

Unlock the secret to unparalleled cake artistry with Sunflower Sugar Art's Skin Tone Petal Dust Palettes, a groundbreaking collaboration with renowned sugar artist Henderson Gonzales - MasterBaker and celebrated winner of 'Is It Cake?' Season 3 on Netflix! 🌟

Crafted with precision and passion, these palettes are inspired by Henderson's mesmerizing creations, designed to bring lifelike realism to your edible masterpieces. Elevate your cake decorating game with 12 meticulously curated shades per palette, ranging from delicate blushes to rich lip tones, ensuring every complexion is flawlessly captured.

Handpicked by Henderson himself, these petal dusts are the ultimate tool for sculpting true-to-life sugar sculptures of dolls, humans, and more. Light or medium, each shade is a stroke of perfection, promising to transform your cakes and pastries into works of art that truly reflect the beauty of the human form.  Don't just decorate – create with Sunflower Sugar Art's Skin Tone Petal Dust Palettes. Shop now and revolutionize your cake decorating experience!