Filler Flower Set

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Creates a botanically correct Filler Flower to help you design a variety of secondary flowers to fill in the background for your principal floral creations. Consists of a double-sided veiner measuring 1½ inches (40 mm) wide by 1½ inches (40 mm) tall, a cutter measuring 1½ inches (40 mm) across. Instructions are also included. Use to create beautiful, edible flowers with efficiency and authenticity. Sunflower Sugar Art silicone veiners and cutters capture each ruffle, pillow & vein because they were created from the actual top and the actual bottom of each leaf or petal, thus creating the most realistic replica of nature. Botanically-correct silicone veiners and cutters leave room for your wire and will not cut your paste and since the veiners were created by nature, they also shape and form your medium as well. Sunflower Sugar Art silicone molds are handcrafted in the USA from FDA-approved food grade silicone that is durable, flexible and heat resistant (up to 500° F). They are stain and odor resistant, oven safe and dishwasher safe. Great for making fondant, gumpaste, chocolate, isomalt, soap, candle wax and more!