Magic Gum (4 oz) for Gum Paste, Sugar Flowers


Sunflower Sugar Art's Magic Gum, a natural alternative to Tylose, is an extra strength gum for making gumpaste that is ideal for crafting delicate flowers and molding with silicone molds. Sold in a 4 ounce (112 gram) jar. Professional Gumpaste Recipe: Here is the recipe for making gum paste from Magic Gum; notice that it contains no egg whites or other perishable ingredients, so it does not need refrigeration and it is ready to use as soon as it is mixed. Equipment: Professional mixer with flat beater, plastic wrap. Ingredients: 3¾ cups of confectioner's (10X) sugar, ¾ cup of cornstarch, 5 teaspoons of Magic Gum, 6 tablespoons of boiling water, 7 drops of glycerin, shortening. Preparation: Sift sugar and cornstarch and place in mixer bowl. Add the Magic Gum and mix well. Place the boiling water in a small glass container, add the glycerin, combine well and pour into the dry ingredients. Mix on a low speed until the mix comes all together. Increase the speed for a few minutes, until the mix turns into a strong paste. Apply some shortening to a board, place the gum paste on it, knead it slightly and shape it into small portions. Apply just enough additional shortening to form a film around each piece and wrap individually in plastic wrap. Can be used immediately. No refrigeration needed.