Bellflower (Mini Petunia) Cutter Set


Creates a botanically correct Bellflower.

Includes three identically shaped but progressively larger cutters; the smallest measures ¾ inch (20 mm) in diameter, the middle cutter is .86 inch (22 mm) in diameter and the largest cutter is 1 inch (25 mm) in diameter.

Sunflower Sugar Art metal cutters are designed by Pilar Gonzalez Nugent and Scott Clark Woolley [] to capture the most realistic replica of nature. Handcrafted of metal, they are precisely leveled to create botanically correct cuts and also have a folded edge, to enhance safe handling. When paired together, Sunflower Sugar Art brand cutters and silicone veiners will create a detailed botanically correct replication of nature. 

Sugar bellflower made by Scott Clark Woolley.