Espresso Petal Dust



Espresso Petal Dust

ntroducing 'Espresso' Petal Dust by Sunflower Sugar Art, a rich and indulgent shade crafted to resemble the deep tones of dark skin. Inspired by the luxurious hue of freshly brewed espresso, this intense color adds warmth and depth to your cake designs, infusing them with sophistication and allure.

Specially formulated for cake decorating, our 'Espresso' Petal Dust seamlessly blends onto fondant, gum paste, and other edible mediums, ensuring effortless application and stunning results.

As part of our groundbreaking collaboration with Henderson Gonzales - MasterBaker and champion of 'Is It Cake?' Season 3 on Netflix, 'Espresso' Petal Dust is meticulously curated to elevate your cake artistry to new heights. Drawing inspiration from Henderson's expertise in crafting lifelike sugar sculptures, each pigment in our collection is designed to bring vibrancy and realism to your creations.

Whether you're embellishing wedding cakes with intricate details or adding depth to sculpted figures, 'Espresso' Petal Dust promises to captivate with its rich color and velvety texture. Join us in redefining cake decorating with Sunflower Sugar Art's 'Espresso' Petal Dust – where innovation meets artistry.

What is Petal Dust?

Petal Dusts are deeply pigmented matte dusts - they have zero shine and are FULL COLOR pigments! Petal Dusts add the perfect touch of color to any master piece! 

    • Use for cake, cookie, and chocolate decorating!
    • Use for creative projects!
  • All of our petal dusts are safe for decorating purposes & intended to decorate accessory items.
  • Mix equal parts petal dust with a mixing medium such as lemon or vanilla extract, even water. Once you have your mixture to your liking, you can dust onto any surface!