Gold Highlighter Metallic Dust



Gold Highlighter Dust - Bright Gold Metallic based pigment. Available in 6 grams, 1 ounce, 2 ounce, and 4 ounces!

Highlighter Dusts are formulated to deliver the perfect metallic sheen that reflects gold, rose gold, silver or copper on any surface. Create professional-looking cakes, pulled sugar pieces, cake pop accessories, and more with these high-quality decorating dusts!

For use, we suggest decorating removable deco pieces on cakes, cupcakes, and more. Removable pieces can be made of chocolate, fondant, royal icing, and more, just attach the decorated piece of fondant to a tooth pick, and stick the toothpick in! Let your guests know that some art just can’t be eaten.  

Our Highlighter Dusts can be used dry or wet, they work great with airbrushing! A little goes a long way when mixing with liquid mediums, we suggest to start with a little and then add more! Note that cake decorating color dust is not for consumption. 


Matizadores Metálicos Oro (Highlighter Dust) Presentacion en 6 gramos, 1 onza, 2 onzas, y 4 onzas

Nuestros Matizadores Metálicos son para decoración de Artesanías, Arte en Azúcar, y más!

Todos nuestros Matizadores Metálicos son para decoración, e imparten un efecto metálico en Oro, Plata,  Cobre, y Oro Rosa.

No para consumir.