White Petal Dust



White Petal Dust

Introducing 'White' Petal Dust by Sunflower Sugar Art, a classic and versatile shade essential for every cake decorator's toolkit. Crafted with precision and quality, our 'White' Petal Dust seamlessly blends with other colors, allowing you to create custom shades and achieve the perfect skin tone for your lifelike sugar sculptures. Whether mixed to lighten other hues or used solo to dust with a pure white finish, this essential pigment ensures effortless application and stunning results.

Our 'White' Petal Dust serves as a blank canvas, akin to the purity of snow fall. This timeless color, chosen by Henderson Gonzales - Master Baker to complement his light skin tone palette, offers endless possibilities in cake decorating.

As part of our commitment to innovation and excellence, Sunflower Sugar Art's 'White' Petal Dust continues to be a staple in the industry. With Henderson's endorsement, it has become an integral part of our curated palettes, offering versatility and creativity to every cake artist.

Join us in embracing the simplicity and elegance of 'White' Petal Dust as we redefine cake decorating with Sunflower Sugar Art – where tradition meets innovation.

Petal Dusts were designed for dusting sugar flowers and surfaces such as fondant, royal icing, and chocolate. Can be used for art projects on surfaces like Slime Jelly, Clay, Candles, and more! We suggest decorating removable accessory pieces if decorating edible goods. 

What is Petal Dust?

Petal Dusts are deeply pigmented matte dusts - they have zero shine and are FULL COLOR pigments! Petal Dusts add the perfect touch of color to any master piece! 

  • Use for cake, cookie, and chocolate decorating!
  • Use for creative projects!
  • All of our petal dusts are safe for decorating purposes & intended to decorate accessory items.
  • Mix equal parts petal dust with a mixing medium such as lemon or vanilla extract, even water. Once you have your mixture to your liking, you can dust onto any surface!